Wednesday, 12 October 2011

First Exhibition

Hi Everyone, Last week end there was an art fair in my little town of Cowansville, and I showed my worked for the first time to "the world"... It was the perfect day, sunny and hot, (hey i'm in canada and sometimes this time of year it's rainy and cold you don't want to put your nose outside) but no everybody was happy and walking in the streeet to see what was happening here.

So here are my work from my first exhibition!

The First Four from the man-bird serie are made with a home made paper clay over a wire armature. Wings are made with twigs, wood dowels, fabric, thread and feathers of course.

Icarus (from a painting of Daniel Barkley)

Icarus (detail)

La Chute d'Icare(D'après Dupras)

Le Rêve d'Icare

Le Rêve d'Icare (detail)

Le Vide

Le Vide (detail)

"Femme Marchand sous la Pluie" is made of wire and threads covered with Paverpol.

Femme Marchand sous la Pluie

Femme Marchand sous la Pluie (detail)

"Etude de Mouvement 1! is made of white plaster.

Etude de Mouvement
And the last one is very hard to take a photo of, because of the glass, and because it's a relief! Anyway this is what it look like!

Autoportrait d'Egon Shiele

I was kind of proud of this one, and guess what this is THE one I sold!!!! My First sale!!!

So that's it for tonight, good luck with your own project, and stay tuned for the next post will be clothing!!!

Boutriack for a man with scissors