Wednesday, 28 July 2010


My second attempt was better but not perfect, i baked the eyes in a toaster oven, is it ok? because after only 20 minutes the already started to yellow.... anyway i decided to paint them.

After drying time, i intalled my first eye ever in a doll.. and then the second. I started to cut a lengthwise, and i make small notch in the middle, icut too small at first and trying doll tear a little, i needed to cut quite big to fit this eye...

So here is my result
There is a bit of glue on the left eye, but hopefully, wont show in the dark eyeliner i'm planning to apply.......
See you for the next step!

Monday, 26 July 2010

It Smells Burn

Always read carefully instructions, it said 275 degrees, but i read 375..... here are the results after 20 minutes. Burning eyes.!!!
Sorry Try again!

New Fabric Doll

Hi Everyone, i know that you like work in progress, so here is not a start, because i've started this project a few months ago, but here is where i'm starting to show you, but have no idea where or how it's going to end....

So here it is, i'm saying it, because i dont know what it is, but i know it is a ''HE''

I started to make the head, by using a basic doll head pattern found on internet, but with a lot of changes, and i used a fabric with a little bit a stretch, i think that is how the nose and the Neddle sculpting turned out so well( i think)!?!

And then i questionned myself for a few days, trying ''regular'' doll body, but that wasn't what i was looking for, and then, out of a sketch came that curved line that inspired me to make the body curve! And this is it.

And of course, the arms/hands where tricky to made, i never sew something that small, so after a while a came out with those wich are not so bad, but i know i will do better next time.

I assembled everything and than gessoed 2 times, but no more inspiration, so i let it cool for 3 months, and then i discovered a tutorial made by Rivkah Mizhari about eyes made ot of polymer clay, and decided to give it a try so here are my eyes!!!

They are ''baking'' while i'm writing this...

Monday, 19 July 2010

New Products

Finally, i've decided to go for the first time to Michael's, and i found there a few things for crafting. I will now try to work with this so popular clay called Creative Paperclay. I dont know how to use it, but will found out! And i grabbed at the same time some package of sculpey.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Fabric Sculpture Time

This all started last winter, i was surfing the net to find a way to turn fabric into hard 3d shape. I found a craft supply called Paverpol, wich is a fabric stiffener, enviro safe. I tried to order some online, but they cannot ship this product in winter time, not below zero....

Anyway i received an email, last friday from a teacher who gives Paverpol workshop, and it was the next Sunday. So where do you think i was this Sunday, yeah in Pointe Claire in an art gallery basement(thank god it was so hot outside).

And this is it my first Paverpol Lady

And here are a few step to achieve this wonderful artpiece.....(hum)

Electrical wire.

Covered with aluminum foil and masking tape.

And then Mommyfied with strips of fabric dipped in Paverpol.

After that picture i was too gluey to use camera.....
See you!!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

A Newbie in the Blog world..

I Don't know where to start....well let's say, i'm a 39 years old guy, who like to experiment with art supply, but espacially with fabric. Over the years i've been doing a lots of things with fabric, but guess what??? I HAVE NO PICTURE!!! I have almost no picture of things i've done... so that is (partially) why, i'm starting this blog, so i will need to post here and there pictures of my success (unsuccess!).

I' ve always a few things on the way...

So here are a few things going on right now, but not necessary in that order.

I have always a lots of fabrics on hands, so i can always sew a shirt or two...Last week i bought some wool, to make pants and vest, i'll show you what i want to do with..

I've started a few months ago, some needle sculpting faces, for some kind of dolls...

I would like to make a lampshade for that 70's lampbase i found at the flea market.

I want to do some pillow for the couch, but with pictures ironed on them, i already tried but made a mess out of it..

Anyway, we'll see how things will go on...

See ya