Saturday, 16 October 2010

White Fur Reindeer

Hi, this is my begining for Chrismas Stuff...
As I own a restaurant, i need to get ready early november as for Chrismas decoration. This year we have decided to have a white theme.
So here are the Reindeer heads that will be hanging in the restaurant lobby.
I've started, with this one who is 24'' tall, in fake fur.
I search the web for a few hours, trying to find some kind of pattern to do this project, but coudn't find any, so I think sometimes it is faster to do it yourself, and in the other hand, you will have your own design, but of course i needed to '' cut a few heads'' to achieve a good pattern. But i dont mind sharing this pattern, you just need to tell me how can i do this kind of thing...
It is stuffed with fiber and mounted on a shaped plywood. For the antlers they are not stuffed, i put electric wire inside them to give them a shape, and all electric wires are taped inside the head to be more sturdy.
I like it very much, but a little small.
So i made this one using the same technique but bigger, this one is approx 34'' tall depending how I put the antlers. For these antlers i used bigger wires, but they still are a little bit soft, if i do some more i will need to find a way to make them stronger.

Here is a picture of the two side by side.

And after all why not do one for outside, so this one mesure 44'' tall, and is made of heavy canevas, covered with fiber glass resin. That was the first time I worked with resin, and belive me, it smells a lot, so don't do this inside.... and because it was kind of yellowish, i painted it with a nice white exterieur paint.
And guess what? I mannaged to make it hollow, so it is lighted from the inside!!! Cool isn't?
I will post pictures when everything is gone be installed.

So there it is!
Have fun in this so dark and rainy day of october, i'm saying so, but it is my favorite season...


  1. Great job! You can learn alot through trial and error and trying different media. Keep it up!

  2. The larger reindeer is just remarkable! Beautiful lines in the finished piece. Daryle, Woodstown Whimsies

  3. Love your reindeer! Do you live in Montreal or on the west coast of Canada.... I love your work and your music on your blog!

  4. Actualy i dont live in montreal but in the suburbs... and thanks for the comment, i love cello, that is why i post a vid from adam hurst he's just amazing!