Tuesday, 3 April 2012

At Last!

I've been so lazy, not for working but blogging...

In my last post in october (hum!) i told you next one one would be clothing so here it is a few pictures of myself wearing trousers i finished yesterday night watching this nice movie called Boys Don't Cry.

They 're made with a medium weight 100% cotton. Pockets in the front are sewn topstiching them. There are 2 zippers for the lower part of this pocket forming a second one.

This is my very first no zipper fly, it's done with buttn and buttonholes, i would say i'm pretty glad of it.



  1. Excellent pair of pants - very professional-looking!

  2. Perfection! I love a man with real skills (very cool pants too)!

  3. Oh, Boys Don't Cry isn't such a nice movie! I'm a transman myself and what happens in that movie is a nightmare!

    But your pants look great! Button flies and inset zipper pockets are NOT easy, and you've done a fabulous job.

  4. Nice post, great outfit;D

  5. you ever think about selling your patterns? This is a dope pair of pants