Monday, 12 July 2010

Fabric Sculpture Time

This all started last winter, i was surfing the net to find a way to turn fabric into hard 3d shape. I found a craft supply called Paverpol, wich is a fabric stiffener, enviro safe. I tried to order some online, but they cannot ship this product in winter time, not below zero....

Anyway i received an email, last friday from a teacher who gives Paverpol workshop, and it was the next Sunday. So where do you think i was this Sunday, yeah in Pointe Claire in an art gallery basement(thank god it was so hot outside).

And this is it my first Paverpol Lady

And here are a few step to achieve this wonderful artpiece.....(hum)

Electrical wire.

Covered with aluminum foil and masking tape.

And then Mommyfied with strips of fabric dipped in Paverpol.

After that picture i was too gluey to use camera.....
See you!!


  1. I really appreciate the posting of these pics; following the progression of the "Paverpol Lady" And welcome also, to Cloth and Clay Dolls. It is a great network of like-minded folks. Daryle, from Woodstown Whimsies

  2. This is totally fascinating. Thank you for creating this blog. We men who sew, rock!