Thursday, 8 July 2010

A Newbie in the Blog world..

I Don't know where to start....well let's say, i'm a 39 years old guy, who like to experiment with art supply, but espacially with fabric. Over the years i've been doing a lots of things with fabric, but guess what??? I HAVE NO PICTURE!!! I have almost no picture of things i've done... so that is (partially) why, i'm starting this blog, so i will need to post here and there pictures of my success (unsuccess!).

I' ve always a few things on the way...

So here are a few things going on right now, but not necessary in that order.

I have always a lots of fabrics on hands, so i can always sew a shirt or two...Last week i bought some wool, to make pants and vest, i'll show you what i want to do with..

I've started a few months ago, some needle sculpting faces, for some kind of dolls...

I would like to make a lampshade for that 70's lampbase i found at the flea market.

I want to do some pillow for the couch, but with pictures ironed on them, i already tried but made a mess out of it..

Anyway, we'll see how things will go on...

See ya

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