Thursday, 16 December 2010

Here is my first sewing entry

Hi Everyone, yes i as a man i can do some sewing..... Two days ago i went to the fabric store and found this very nice black fauxfur with a short pile, but that was a 1m piece....what can i do with that?..i didn't know, but anyway i bought it, and look what i've made with it...a short jacket with a waterfall front. Of course it is not for me, but i think it will do a very nice christmas gift to my neighbor, to wear with her nice black Georges Rech dress!
And this one is for me made with a nice grey wool, unlined with fringes, the scarf is sewn to the jacket.(i think i will wear it with a white shirt and a tie, it will do a strong contrast..)(and also because it itches so much in the neck you cannot believe).
So this is for today....Happy sewing!
More on the way......


  1. I wish MY neighbour were as talented as you!!!!What a wonderful jacket!

    Thank you for joining my dolly universe, I hope you will enjoy it.

  2. Tres chic! I love sewing and designing but the material does not always behave! Happy New Year C

  3. This is a gorgeous, gorgeous jacket! You do beautiful work! Have a wonderful, prosperous New Year!
    Take Care,