Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My last semester Pieces

Hi There! Last Fall I began a sculpture class at Bishop's Universty. We worked with clay, then we make a plaster mold, remove the clay from the mold, and then poured in TuffStone. So the final result is in TuffStone!

The mask was our introducing into the big world of sculpting, it was to learn the ''low relief''.

Then I did a finish on it with brass powder and graphite. I colored the Tuffstone a brownish color before mixing it.

Then we moved to the 3d project. We had to do a piece easily molded and unmolded... with a wider base.

I made a head like if it was burried or under water, i chose the last option, that is why the blue color, after i finiished the head, i had this idea of making a photoshop of me, like if i was in water. This is the result!!!

For the winter semester, we needed to choose a picture, painting or drawing i choose a painting from Egon Schiele, from wich we'll do our projects.

So the first project is to make a low relief, from that painting, this is where I'm right now. Still working on it.
See you!!!


  1. Great stuff! I love the under water piece.......How did you achieve that watery effect?

  2. Hi Susie, I'M glad you find my blog, i transformed the picture in Photoshop, using a water picture with waves,and after many manipulations, i overlayed it over a picture of myself taken for that purpose!!!! Oh and i added a few fish shadows!!!!

    Thank you