Monday, 24 January 2011

How to copy your favorite Jeans Part 2

Welcome again!

This is part 2.
Now with the outline of the pattern it's time to redefine all the lines using a straight and a curved ruler. What you want is to have continous lines without breaking points, so it is going to be easy tu cut and sew in fabric.

Some times it is not possible to use any kind of ruler, so you just do it free hand.

Now the lines are clean, you can add sewing allowances.

With another piece of paper under, mark all the pockets, flaps, yokes, basically every piece of pattern you will need to make the jeans, add seam allowances and cut.
Now very important, you need to check the outside seam of the front panel with the outside seam of the back panel to see if they match! Do this also for the inside seam.

In my case they were not matching, so i needed to add a piece of paper to make the corrections.

Now I cut the fabric, if this is you first pattern you can try it with bad fabric to test your pattern, to day I feel I was in a good moon, so I went right away with the good fabric, an oatmeal corduroy.

How should you cut the corduroy??? Or any velvet???
You need to find the top of your piece of fabric, to find it rub the fabric with your hand, you need to find the rough way. The rough way is going down the pant or the dress, and the soft way is going up. Why is that? Because the color will be a lot nicer way. It is not very visible with corduroy, but for the velvet it makes a lot of difference. Try with 2 pieces of the same velvet, put them side by side one with the rough way going down and the other going up, you will see!!!

Now all you have left is to pin everything in place making sure to place grain lines correctly and cut.

So here is the 2 jeans side by side, you can see there are some differences, because i did some modifications in the process, like make them longer, and a little bit wider at the bottom.
Don't forget, 2 fabrics dont ''fall'' the same with the same pattern, my corduroy was a lot ''softer'' and more ''dropping'' then the jeans, so the look is bit different.
Good luck with your project!


  1. Wow!They look great. I like the curve of the jeans.

  2. About how many yards of fabric did you use for these?

  3. Thanks for sharing!! Think I will try..